The Short & Beautiful Story of Charlie Lindgren

While having my morning coffee, checking the NHL scores and stats, I noticed Charlie Lindgren was leading the NHL in both save percentage and GAA at 0.957 and 1.39. respectively Although these stats represent a small sample size of just five games, I still think it’s worth taking a closer look at the 23 year old rookie’s fantastic start. So without further ado, let’s break it down.

In even strength scenarios, Lindgren has faced 131 shots and has only let in 4 of them for a SV% of 0.967 (1st). With his expected SV% at 0.926, this puts him 4.32% (1st) ahead of expectations. When breaking down his shot percentage according to the degree of danger of each shot it is clear that Charlie is performing extremely well. The young Habs goalie has yet to be beaten on low danger shots, sporting a perfect 1.000 SV% (1st) in those situations. In addition, Lindgren has an outstanding 0.949 (3rd) save percentage on medium danger shots and a more than respectable 0.913 (3rd) save percentage on high danger shots.

However, like I already said, 5 games is an extremely small sample size & even if we extend the analysis to Charlie’s full NHL career we still only have 8 total games to look into. In his 8 games started,  Lindgren has a SV% of 0.957 in even strength, a LDSV% of 0.990, MDSV% of 0.929 and a HDSV% 0.919 which is similar to this seasons stats.

Based on such a small sample size it would be foolish to take away anything definite from these stats apart from the fact the this guy can compete. Maybe one day he can be an NHL starter or maybe he’s destined to be a career back up but what I do know is with Carey Price‘s mega deal kicking in next year and might be interesting fro the Habs to shop Charlie around to see what they could get for him while his value is high.

I’ll let you off with some highlights of Lindgren’s awesome start:

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