Savage Sport Chants

Who knew Smashville was such a great hockey town? Not only are the fans crowding the streets of their beautiful city in tens of thousands, but they’re also producing some of the best chants hockey has ever heard.

Here are other crazy sport chants that have intimidated opponents over the years.

Texas A&M Baseball Fans

One of my favorite and most brutal chants out there happened when Aggie’s fans began counting the number of consecutive balls TCU’S pitcher threw. Truly a classic.

Duke Basketball Fans

The Cameron Crazies can be brutal. In 2011, they made sure Clemson’s Demontez Stitt knew he had let the whole team down.

Winnipeg Jet Fans

Before the beauts in Nashville, there were the savages in Winnipeg. Whether it’s asking Joe Thornton who the captain of his team is or letting Ovi know Crosby’s better, these fans never lack creativity when it comes to their chants.


Yankees Fans

In 2004 after losing a second straight game, Pedro Martinez called the Yankee’s his daddy. Jumping on the opportunity, Yankee fans proceeded to ask Pedro who his daddy was for the rest of the series. In the end the joke was on the Yankees as the Red Sox rallied from a 3-0 deficit to win the ALCS for the first and only time in MLB history and eventually win the world series for the first time in 86 years.

Iceland Euro 2016 Fans

Iceland had an incredible Euro run in 2016 when they beat England in the round of 16. They ended up losing to France in the Quarter finals but not before impressing us with their chilling war chant.

Fans pay big money when they attend a game and it’s all the better when their performance is remembered. Keep on cheering you savages!


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