Best Bat Flippers In The MLB

Yoenis Cespedes

Cespedes has plenty of other bat-flips in his MLB career but this one is his personal masterpiece as it just oooozzzzes arrogance and confidence in the big moment in the best way possible. The way the bat is tossed like 10-15 feet into the air and manages to do a perfect single rotation in the air is truly beautiful stuff.

Asdrubal Cabrera

With back to back Mets to start this blog, you might be thinking at this point that I’m a Mets fan being biased but trust me I would never do something as cruel to myself as cheering for a team run by the Wilpons. This is just a hilarious and very unique bat-flip with the way the he hurls the bat with 2-hands like he’s a cannon and the bat is a cannon ball.

Yasiel Puig

In terms of pure sheer quantity, I would venture to say has a Rose/Dimaggio-esque firm grasp on the most bat-flips in MLB history. They might not be the super flashy bat-flips and more just a casual toss for the most part but what makes Puig unique is that it seems as though he’ll flip that bat like a cocky little fucker anytime he feels like he made decent contact with the balls. He’s pimped some pop-outs, a triple, some doubles, hell I’ll admit I haven’t done the research but I’m confident in saying he’s the only player to bat-flip for the cycle in his career. The title of this article Yasiel Puig wants to cut down on bat flips makes him sound like he’s legitimately addicted to flipping his bat on (what he thinks) are moonshots.

Albert Pujols

Pujols is easily the most consistent bat-flipper on this list. Every time he chooses to dabble in the art of the lumber rotation he has the exact same routine that I’ve coined the “Two-Step Toss” for the simple reason that he literally always takes two steps across the plate before tossing his bat (you can see another example here and here and basically anytime he hits a no-doubter, degree of flip/toss may vary).

Jose Bautista

Being been put on a Topps baseball card and is a goal celebration in NHL 17, Bautista’s bat launch in the ALDS against the Rangers is without a doubt the most famous bat flip in recent memory and for good reason. The swagger, dramatic pause and emphatic throw would make this bat flip stand on its own amongst the cream of the crop but it’s the drama of this home-run that puts it over the top as it not only gave the Jays the lead in not only a sudden death elmination home game but also put a stamp on one of the craziest innings in MLB postseason history. For all of these reasons I can see how it would unquestionably be a contender for greatest bat flip of all-time.

Matt Adams

Maybe it’s my Canadian bias but I feel like this home-run doesn’t get even a fraction of the attention Joey-Bats’ bat-flip has gotten. It’s understandable considering it happened in the middle of a July whereas Bautista’s was in a heated sudden death playoff game but it’s not like Adams’ moonshot completely lacked drama as it was still a walk-off in the bottom of the 16th inning. The combination of the “FUCK YEAH” scream towards the Cardinals’ dugout, his walk that started as a casual strut for like the first 4-5 steps then turned into  jump-step finished off by a quick below the shoulder flip of the bat when he’s already like halfway to first makes this bat-flip my favorite of all time and easily the most underrated of the bunch.



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