Pittsburgh Out Shot, No Worries

It finally happened, game 1 of the Stanley cup final. A showdown between two power houses, one offensive and one defensive, where game 1 went to the better offensive team.

When looking  at the shot total from last night it’s surprising that Pittsburgh got out of this one with the W.  Pittsburgh hit the net 12 times while Nashville landed 26 on net. Although surprising this isn’t new territory for the Pens. During the previous 13 games of the Pens post season they have been out shot in every shooting stat. Their Corsi For of 683 versus their Corsi Against of 887 gives them a differential of -204. Their Fenwick for of 497 versus their Fenwick Against of 623 gives them a differential of -126. And finally, their shot total of 361 versus shot against total of 458 gives them a differential of -97.
f v a

It is surprising that such an offensive team has been out shot so heavily. I believe that this trend in their stat line speaks for the skill and quality of the Pittsburgh Penguins offence. Even while being so heavily out shot in the playoffs, they still maintain a positive difference of +9 between scoring chances for, versus scoring chances against.  Even last night when they had less shots on net they were able to capitalize and walk out of this one with a great shooting percentage of 42%.

It will be hard for Nashville to keep this potent offence from scoring. Good news as that if their is one team that can do it’s the predators staked D-line. Although they can’t do it by themselves. They need Pekka to bounce back, and post a better game then the .636 save percentage he obtained in game 1.



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