Bernier’s Short but Disastrous 2017 Playoffs

While PK and the gang were busy becoming the first 16th seed to reach the Stanley Cup final, Jonathan Bernier was having a horrible game.

Only facing 16 shots and allowing 4 goals, Bernier posted a 0.750 save percentage coming short of what his team needed to force a game 7. I do understand that Jon was in tough spot, coming into an already hot series trying to replace Gibby, but he sucked. Let’s take a look at Benrier’s 2017 playoff stats.

Anaheim’s secondary goaltender played in 4 games this post season and only started yesterday’s game. In those four games he allowed 10 goals on 79 shots for a save percentile of .873 and a goal against average of 3.28, the worst and fourth worst result for a goalie playing more then 60 minutes these playoffs.

We can also look at more advanced stats to get a better idea of his performance.

Goals Saved Above Average (GSAA)

Developed by Hockey-Refrence, GSAA takes the league’s average save percentage and apply’s it to the amount of shots a particular goalie has faced. Doing so obtains the number of goals that the average goalie in the league would have surrendered if they faced the same number of shots as the goaltender in question. You can then determine how many more or less goals the goaltender in question let in compared to the average. In Bernier’s case his GSAA was -3.72 meaning he cost his team 3.72 more goals then the average goalie in the playoffs would have. This is the 4th worst result of the off season.

Goal Against Percentile (GA%)

Simply put, its the goalies goals against represented by a percentage, compared to the leagues average goal against percentile. If a goalies scores a 0 it means he was perfect, 100 is exactly average and anything higher is not the greatest. In Bernier’s case he put up the worst GA% of the post season with a 159.

I’m not saying that the Ducks lost because of Jonathan Bernier, but he sure did not help. If you look at his 2017 playoff stats above, you can clearly see he was bad.

When Bernier was traded to Anaheim for future considerations last July, he was hoping for a new start. Sadly for him this is an other blemish on his average career.


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